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A comedy series featuring a crew of misfits lost on the wrong side of a wormhole.


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The year is 2263.

A group of bumblers mistakenly board an alien spacecraft and find themselves transported through a wormhole to the far side of the universe.

These are their stories as they try and find their way home.

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An incompetent captain

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An irresponsible science officer

VTTS - Profile - Stew v4.png


A misanthropic janitor

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And a bitingly sarcastic AI


These are just a handful of the colorful characters you’ll meet as you embark on a Voyage to the Stars.

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Steve Berg

The Good Place, Idiotsitter, Win it All

Felicia Day

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Supernatural, The Guild

Colton Dunn

Key & Peele, Lazer Team, Superstore

Janet Varney

The Legend of Korra, Stan Against Evil, SF Sketchfest Co-Founder

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