Earth - The Year 2238.

A strange wormhole appears just beyond the moon. Not a black hole. A wormhole. There’s a difference… probably. Brave and curious Earthlings send a spaceship through the anomaly to investigate… and its crew is never heard from again.

Jump forward to the year 2263, otherwise known as our present day. Over the centuries, Earthlings built an impressive space station called the ASHA to study the mysterious wormhole. At this point, other than the occasional tourist visits, the ASHA is pretty much just funneling garbage into the wormhole to deal with Earth’s overpopulation.

That is, until a strange alien craft appears through the wormhole. And that’s where our heroes come in.

season 02 Teaser


 While investigating the alien spaceship, Tucker, Elsa and Stew accidentally start up the ship and reboot an alien AI named Sorry who controls all functions aboard the vessel. She’s the most sophisticated artificial intelligence in the galaxy and is not a fan of humans. Unfortunately, her memory banks are fried from traveling through the wormhole, making her largely useless as she can’t tell them what the ship is or where she came from.

She does manage to accidentally appoint Tucker as captain, even though he has zero qualifications, and she also steers the ship back through the wormhole. Now, stranded in space, they have no idea where they are or how to get back to Earth. What’s more, for the first time ever, they are making contact with alien life forms. With no one to guide them, this band of misfits’ only hope of getting home is being incredibly resourceful, careful, and diplomatic. I bet you can guess how that’s going.

These are the crew logs of Captain Tucker, Elsa and Stew documenting their voyage… to the stars.