Meet the B-Team



Voiced by Colton Dunn

Tucker has wanted to be a space captain ever since his parents disappeared on a ship that went through a wormhole 25 years ago. He knows he would be the best captain humanity has ever seen…and he really didn’t deserve to flunk out of the Space Academy’s officer school so many times. That small explosion in the flight simulator room totally wasn’t his fault.

Unfortunately for Tucker it seemed like space wasn’t in the cards and he settled on a lackluster career as an insurance salesman. But he never lost his dream of one day becoming the captain of his own ship, and would record his own ‘Captain’s Log’ for fun. Tucker saved up all of his money for a ticket to visit the ASHA space station so that he could definitively say that he’s been in outer space.

After passing through his own wormhole on an alien ship, Tucker’s dreams are finally coming true. It’s his time to shine and he eagerly takes the mantle of captain, despite everyone insisting they don’t need a captain. He’s very by-the-book, because he’s pretending to be what he thinks a captain should be, but also assumes that all alien life is hostile even when they’re clearly not.

Despite his bumbling, he’s got a good heart and is protective of his fellow crew members… and he’s hopeful at some point the team will come together and they’ll have a successful mission... and not completely ruin a planet they visit.




Voiced by Felicia Day

Elsa is a child prodigy who attended university at the age of 4 and started so many Ph.D.’s that she never actually got around to finishing any of them. She is equal parts insanely brilliant and recklessly naive since she never had a normal childhood. It’s hard to relate to others when your family buys you an entire kingdom because you wanted a ‘princess themed’ birthday party.

Elsa joins the ASHA space station as their lead science officer (largely because her family funded the creation of the facility), but she’s hugely disappointed that the science lab is basically just used as a bar since the entire thing is a tourist trap. She jumps at the chance investigate the alien craft so she can do some actual research.

Elsa’s ecstatic to explore and study the unknown regions of space, and despite the danger the crew will ultimately face (sometimes due to her own overeagerness), nothing can curb her enthusiasm for knowledge.



Voiced by Steve Berg

Stew would be happy if he never had to set foot on Earth again. Hailing from the “Badlands” (which is what the Midwest was renamed after the second Civil War), he’s been cast out from society and basically only cares about machines and technology. Just don’t ask him about his robot ex-girlfriend.

After a brief stint living in Robopolis (the robot mecca), Stew got a job repairing toilets and toilet cleaning robots on the ASHA. He spends his time recording podcasts that no one will listen to and doing his own version of unboxing videos… which is basically him stealing from other people.

He gets dragged onto the alien ship to investigate because of Tucker volunteering him. Stew is more than happy when the craft whisks them away... not that he wants to explore the galaxy, but because the ship is so advanced it caters to his every need and he’s fascinated by Sorry.



Voiced by Janet Varney

An artificial intelligence that controls the alien ship and is not afraid to speak her mind.

Her mainframe suffered damage during the trip through the wormhole and her memory banks were nearly wiped. She is able to recall a large amount of pop culture information from Earth’s early 2000’s which she picked up off Wikipedia.

Sorry got her name when Stew accidentally rebooted the system and apologized. She takes out her frustrations on the human crew as she blames them for her compromised systems. Unable to outright kill them due to her programming, she mostly finds ways to passive aggressively stir up trouble, while attempting to regain her memory and full control of the vessel.



Voiced by Kirsten Vangsness

Nico is a drifter alien from the planet Mauk, a jungle world home to two warring species: her’s, a humanoid Red Panda-esque people called the Fulgen, and a more brutal race of aquatic beasts called the Yatar. Nico is also the pilot of a mysterious mech, a large scale battle suit designed for space combat. The machine has a connection to the ship, but where it came from is a mystery.

Nico was an outcast from her society for two reasons: one, that she was the runt of her litter, which made her be looked down upon by her other siblings. Second, she developed an attraction towards Fulgen of the same gender, which was not widely accepted by her people. Knowing she was never going to fit in, she abandoned her world and took to the stars to find a place where she would belong.

Nico is naturally suspicious of others and, after years of being an outcast from her own society, she has difficulty letting her guard down around new people. She’s also extremely cagey about her past and is very much a “punch first and ask questions later” type of alien.